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Professional hair cutting 2019
Good evening! Come on, I will explain to you a very beautiful thing about barbering, and it will become a professional. If you focus on my words, these words are golden and not joking. Focus very much on me. Of course, we talked a lot in the first part about cutting the hair of the average person who wants to shave his hair at home. Okay, okay, now this topic is about Shop owners can learn something new in cutting hair professionally
 And we can say that this is the beginning for you to understand what I am saying very well so that you can get the required shape. For me, this is very easy, and each one and his ability is perfect. Let us start with God’s blessing first. Look, ghost, you will get a shaving kit. Your hair is very good, you dry your hair with a hair dryer, and you comb your hair very much until it is right and in one direction. It's okay, we set everything up

2019 Modern English Story Series
2019 Modern English Story Series
I will tell you how to reach the final shape but follow along with me. We said that we work the hair very well, comb it and dry it by consulting completely. Exclusive on the health and beauty blog. Look ghost. The first thing you will do is divide the hair into two halves. I mean, what will you do? Now you will get the shaving machine completely, and then you will leave it on zir comb. Ewa, you will not install any comb on it at all. We said we will work on the lower part.
We have nothing to do with it from the first side of the side. Now, from the beginning of the side below the weight, we pull the broom to 4 cm or 3, according to the cut. If you want it wide, make it 4 or 5. If you want it small, make it 3 cm. The machine is on the entire hair from the lower part to the other with a zero and wipes it all with an azo comb. Perfectly, that is what we did. One and we take two centimeters from the part with the same zero movements. We install a single number comb, then we make a circular sweep around the head, parallel and controlled. Adjust your hand completely, and then we wipe all the hair exactly as we did the first time
With the zero combs, the third stage, for sure, there is a spacer between each of them, the zero, and one of them will remove this spacer. How can the one in the picture number this? Up and not make her sleep and remove that separator so that the shape becomes like picture number one and so on once and then you repeat the process producing the final shape like picture number one in the next episode explaining after the basics and defining the chin Thank you very much I am honored by the health and beauty blog

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