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First types of hair clippers for men
The machine in front of you now is a machine made by the Germans, and it is distinguished and unique in some way, but it has defects. I will mention the defects later, not now. Now you know the specifications of this machine for cutting hair. First, it is a machine whose name is placed in the picture in front of you Moser. It is made in Germany and is somewhat distinctive. It does not work with a developer.
 This is a defect in it, as it works by the vibrating method, and there is another type of it, so it says that it is for the first, and this type of uniform in front of you is of the second degree, and it is not somewhat excellent, but it is distinguished in things that I will mention now, just focus with me, dear reader, first. The latest in shaving, I mean, if the electricity is kind of weak, I forget that it shaves or cuts hair. As I told you, it is mounted with rockers and not a motion developer. Distinctively, it makes the hair look more attractive and somewhat heavy. It works on electricity 220 and no less. It will not work with you, as the electricity decreases and weakens.

Features of the German Mazor machine and its price
This is  The machine is distinguished by the fact that it is a practical machine that works with you for more than 6 hours continuously and works with high efficiency. Whenever the electricity is correct, you get wonderful work from this German-made machine, as I said, a second degree. It has wonderful edges and an attractive view.   It is personal use now, in my personal opinion. It is not for barbershops and hair cutting through this machine is unique, beautiful, and attractive.
The hair is not cut properly
This is the exact type of machine and its description

The defects of the German-forged razor machine
First, its sound is terrible and creates a headache for the user, and the weakness of its blades, and it creates a sensitivity in the body for those with sensitive skin
Weak for haircutting. You can't shave the entire hair or the entire chin. You have to repeat the same movements every time you shave the chin five or 6 times. It is a little difficult for the user. The hair must have a certain length in order to shave well. Also, the hair must be light and not complicated. It will not cut any finish for heavy and curly hair. The price of this machine was 150 pounds in 2015 and 2016, in 2019 now its price exceeds 400 pounds and 450, and there are shops that sell it for 750 Thank you

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