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Types of Professional Haircuts
  Dear friends and followers of the blog, how are you?   Let's go to the regular cut, meaning any requirements for haircutting. Follow, you will need a blade, scissors, a barber's machine, and a shaving brush. We will get to know a lot that goes to the barber, and the barber is very busy, other than the time that you waste with him. The result you want, and you are sad and upset about the haircut that you wanted to shave and be handsome, good, and orange. You will regret the experience of the legend talking
Types of "classic" haircuts
Now we will know how to cut your hair. If you want to make a classic cut, then it will be normal to cut your hair evenly. Of course, you now have the complete shaving kit that we said above the scissors, the comb, the machine, and the combs that belong to it. It consists of 1, 2, 3, and 4 combs of a specific type of machine, and then a brush. Cut and then completely. A complete hair-cutting kit. The first thing to shave your hair is to have a mirror behind and in front of you.
After that, you will put the entire shaving kit in front of you. The first thing you will do is put a hair-cutting towel that you will wrap between your groin for the sake of your hair. After that, you will comb your hair a lot and use it if your hair has rings that are not smooth. For this, you will put the most extensive shaving comb that we said on it is No. 4, okay, that's right, after we combed our hair well, then we turned on the machine and made sure that it was on zero mode, and after that, we made sure that the electricity was set to 220 volts
Turn on the machine, then after that from above the heads and pull the machine with you, of course, a comb with which you comb your hair and comb with the comb in front of the machine to cut the hair with you, then pull the machine on all your head to pull the hair and make it even And you make it right and your sideburns, and you must have a mirror with you at this stage so that you know how to do what is required with Mitaz and make your shape distinctive
Hairstyle "Versace"
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Hairstyle "Versace"
Some men like this unique and beautiful story and it makes you really special and handsome. At this stage, I will explain this beautiful story to you in some steps. It is also easy, and so on. The process will come back and it will be easy and fine. First, collect the entire hair-cutting kit, and then clean all the shaving kit Then tie a shaving towel and bring 2 mirrors, front and back, so that you can see yourself while cutting the hair.
 Connect the machine, then bring the machine comb No. 4, and then use the comb to comb the hair and make a difference between the hair above. Determine the difference between them and the hair below, then cut all the hair below with the machine with the number 4 as we said, and make sure not to miss any stage in the hair or cut it Hair to cause any inappropriate shape. After that, you bring comb number 3, and it will come down from under your nape over your head to the head, and it will not come out completely. Plain on the back of your head and clean it
Until now, okay, after that, you will leave everything behind and hold the scissors and a comb called the vacuum comb. You will cut the hair above according to your desire. You are at a certain length. Thank you for the next explanation. I will explain the rest of the hairstyles.

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