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First, treat small facial pimples
Good evening, Ali Habyabian, and our beloved followers of the health and beauty blog. May God bless you with a good evening. In this article, we will present to you a number of topics about removing pimples from the face and body in general. First, what are the reasons for the appearance of pimples on the face of young people? At the age of puberty, these pills appear gradually, as there are many things that make the appearance of acne, not eating healthy food, and eating foods with unhealthy fats.
 Also, there are genetic causes and an imbalance in hormones, which makes this very difficult for young people. Opening the door to discussion about how to treat this in a proper way and in a short period, directly and naturally through the house in a positive way. There is a way to remove acne, which is also laser, and it is very fast. Pills are annoying areas of the body and chemical solutions can also be used to remove those ruses black pills are an example of glycolic acid

Remove pimples from oily face
Oily skin, we can say that it has many problems. Removing grains from oily skin is difficult and not easy as you would expect. How can I remove those annoying grains from oily skin? Here are some simple ways. We can say the reasons for the appearance of these grains in oily skin in women are cosmetics and furniture creams They block the pores of the skin and play a big role in the dirtiness of the skin, and this leads to the appearance of pimples in an unnatural way, knowing that these fast foods also cause the appearance of these pimples, and not drinking enough water leads to the appearance of the Russians and those inappropriate pills for the face, which leads to an unformed human figure Decent, and this is often difficult, inconvenient, and very annoying, and we can add a simple recipe to remove those grains, such as milk with yogurt
It is tempered by adding materials that purify germs and bacteria, and we can tell you a simple recipe also, black honey with milk, and it can be mixed in an equal amount for each of them, and you put it on your face and make a circular motion around the face and leave it for a sufficient time to absorb these bacteria, and wash it with warm water
Important and simple tips to remove those grains 
Annoying pills Yes, they are annoying to all boys and girls and are never desirable and cause depression and discomfort and cause tension, thinking, and sadness. Here are some simple tips. You should wash your face daily and clean the skin during that period and take care and take care of it and protect it from direct sunlight. You must exercise daily when you exercise Sport is made up of sweat. This sweat is the exit of the poison from the body and the renewal of the cells of the body with clean cells. I think you have understood now that you must eat very healthy food, not any food that you want to eat, and salvation
Paying attention to eating is a good thing, and do not eat calories. Eat healthy meals. You can also reduce sugar. Do not eat food that contains unsaturated fats, as this causes an increase in grains. Finally, drink plenty of water and sufficient amounts of liquids, juices, and fruits.
Thank you for this simple article. If you have any questions, leave a comment and you will be answered as soon as possible. Thank you

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