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Signs of psychological death
I have suffered a lot from loneliness, psychological fatigue, exhaustion, sadness and grief. In this article, I will explain in detail the reasons for feeling death and not facing the truth. Death is upon us, God’s right. Peace be upon you. I am telling you today about a negative phenomenon in the world of mental illness, which many suffer from. I present to you reasons that make you feel death when it is. A person is unable to do anything or achieve goals, dissatisfaction with achieving his goals, as life surrounds him with frustration and self-destruction
And he is unable to face the truth, so he knows that he does not want life and always thinks of death and simply says that life is nothing and there is death waiting for me, so know that this death is right upon us and our ancestors have died and our fathers and mothers and sisters and everything that is bear in this earth has died by the order of God Almighty, so do not You are sad, for this is life, and this is the world. Not everything we dream about will be fulfilled. There must be frustration. As long as there is life, the first thing is that the person inside him is a kind of disease and frustration. He turns to God, Glory be to Him, and he will recover with His grace and His stone. I will give you some advice that is true and did not actually happen
social withdrawal
Many people are affected by the feeling of death, and this is the result of a mental illness. This is a fact. I mean, as soon as a shock occurs, he avoids all people, the inability to show emotions, and he has nothing but indifference. This happens with many people.

When a person is unable to take care of himself, his lack of self-confidence, and his inability to bear the troubles of life to the extent that he did not do the basic things that happen in his life suddenly, and he benefits from the will on his own and the inability to Making decisions and not caring about anything in life, here he knows that there is a dangerous obsession going around in his head and that he has no reward and is not okay until the human mind becomes empty of everything
Loss of psychological pliability
When a person only takes care of himself in this case, he gets a disease called Parkinson's disease, which enables a person not to move any muscle in his body, and of course, just as a person only has to move the psychological inside of him, and here it is considered more dangerous A stage that a person has gone through is one of the signs of psychological death.
Mental Fatigue
And this stage is the last when he surrenders to real death, because he has completely lost his will to live, and this is a strong nervous shock
Tips to be optimistic about life, my friends, do not give in to death. We will die, so do not be afraid of anything, and do not let the obsessiveness within you make you afraid of anything. Stay away from that negative thinking and make your day busy with something and make your day what pleases God. Do something that makes you sad when you meet God

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