Profits decline in Apple India mobile phone sales and net profit

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Aile's sale of iPhones has been such a hit that the company's revenue and net profit declined for the first time in FY19. Analysts claim that a weaker rupee and higher import duties due to the country's small assembly operations led to the decline. Apple Mobile sales in India were "one of the worst" with Shipments falling for the first time. According to a report in the Economic TimesApple's operating revenue fell 19 percent to ₹10,538.3 crore. The figures came from recent regulatory filings with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) which also showed a significant drop in profit by more than 70 percent to Rs 262.3 crore. The report said the company's iPhone sales in India were "one of the worst" as shipments fell for the first time... However, with recent price cuts and lower prices on newer models, analysts expect revenue and earnings to rise in the current fiscal year. Another factor that would help Apple save on import duties is the expansion of its assembly unit for devices such as the iPhone XR. With the launch of the iPhone 11 and the inclusion of more premium phones in the assembly
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It will enable the company to turn around numbers in FY20, said Tarun Pathak, associate director of Counterpoint Research. It has launched 1Gbps broadband plans in Delhi. There are currently two options available in the 1Gbps bandwidth plan, one is priced at Rs 2,990 while the other has a price tag of Rs 4,990. As reported by Gadgets 360, MTNL Delhi website has listed both plans. The Rs 2,990 plan offers up to 4TB of monthly data for the first six months for new customers. Once the six months are up
،The plan will provide 3TB of monthly FUP data as the bandwidth drops to 5Mbps after the FUP runs out. Rs 4,990 has the FUP introductory limit of 8TB which will be reduced to 6TB after the first six months. Both plans will offer unlimited voice calls to any mobile or landline number in India. I don't have a 1Gbps broadband plan yet. However, since the government has decided to merge BSNL and MTNL, the former may get similar plans soon.

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Back in August, the game was removed from the list of PS4 exclusive titles on the official PlayStation website. This led to speculation that the game would never be exclusive. However, there was no official confirmation. When the game was originally announced back in 2015, ResetEra forum member Festan found out that an official Sony press release had stated that the PC version would be released after launch on PS4. Death Stranding will be the first game to come out of Kojima's studio, Kojima Productions. The development studio was formed after the quarrel between Kojima and Konami. Kojima also managed to form a partnership with Sony to publish the game. And now it has been confirmed that the game will not be exclusive to PlayStation 4. People have created 'walls' and are used to living in isolation. Death Stranding is a whole new type of action game
 , where the player's goal is to reconnect with isolated cities and a fragmented society. It was created so that all elements, including story and gameplay, are linked together by a "strand" theme or connection. As Sam Porter Bridges, you will try to bridge gaps in the community, and in doing so, create new links or "branches" with other players around the world. With your experience playing the game, I hope you understand the true importance of establishing connections with others,” a statement Hideo Kojima released on Twitter reads. This is the official plot of the game and Kojima says it is a brand-new game.
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