Health and beauty blog, reasons that make you tired and exhausted all day

1- Not enough rest 
Reasons that make you tired throughout the day. We will explain five reasons that make you many days stressful and tired during these days. The first thing is not to take a break at all times. You can continue to Work constantly and forget to take a break. Rest can lead to many things in your life, and it can make your day not exhaustion or tiredness. Excessive effort also brings fatigue and exhaustion. You must work today. Extensive pressure and exhaustion can also divide work into periods and make your day regular and non-negative in order to avoid fatigue and exhaustion throughout the day. There is also a psychological effort, which is thinking
2- Water Not drinking enough water
Not drinking enough water makes you exhausted and tired throughout the day, and this leads to a decrease in heartbeat and causes severe exhaustion, fatigue and effort. Sufficient water makes your day regular, but drinking enough water makes you     of oxygen, and this causes lethargy, fatigue, and insufficient rest. Eat what suits you of water and clothing that also makes you not feel thirsty and dehydrated. Drink enough water, as this is necessary for the heart and the whole body.
3- No breakfast
Many people can't think about it. Not breaking the fast makes you tired and tired as well. This is one of the reasons that make you tired during the day and throughout the day as well. With it when you wake up, provide the body with food, even a little, and it also makes you active. You can have a cup of milk, two pieces of protein, grains, fruits, and eggs. It also makes your day just.
4- Popular Fast Food
The expression of popular fast food affects very much, it contains sugars, it raises blood pressure and causes stress and fatigue, so it is necessary to stay away from these foods and eat healthy foods and healthy fruits as well, and they can be replaced with proteins, fish and meat free from Fats and proper eating such as rice, fruits, meat such as chicken, fish, salmon, potatoes, bread, chicken, and everything that is protein and free of fat is also beneficial for your body and provides you with energy and makes you active and makes your day fit and agile
5- Fear, tension, and anxiety
Thinking a lot is one of the biggest reasons that make you busy, stressful, and tired, and it makes your condition very bad when you are anxious or tense. Stay away from them as much as possible. Try to be more positive and do not give in to that tension and anxiety that afflicts a person and causes them exhaustion and terrible psychological fatigue. Thinking a lot is known to bring exhaustion and fatigue. Try to be more positive than you are. Try not to think too much. Make your breakfast early. Provide yourself with all the needs. Your day will be full of energy and activity. Thank you. This article is a simple summary. Thank you
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