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Signs indicating that a man is selfish
In Arab societies, there are many arrogant and selfish people in our Arab society, and the negatives are much more than the positives. In this article, I will talk to you about people who will never change, not even death will change them. The most selfish and the most arrogant and proud of themselves will talk to you about these people and their types and the extreme care of them as well, and people if they need you they find you and if you need them you do not find them  A selfish person is a person who knows a lot about his interest and never wants the interest of others, not even if he is a friend, relative, lover, because this type of person is very dangerous. Well, you do not know the selfish person, so suddenly it is difficult to know him easily. Here are some means to know him in detail. The selfish person always focuses on himself and never others. They always think of themselves and don't care about others
Even his needs and requests are always at the forefront, and he does not want other people to do the same things, because he does not know that wisdom. Live and let the last live. To reach his desires and get his needs, and he exploits people for his personal reconciliation, as he is a truly selfish type, and there are people who are arrogant and selfish, and more dangerous than what was conveyed. I am sorry for all the meanings of selfishness and vanity. How to set boundaries with a selfish person and be patient
First, dear reader, you must avoid this type of person, set limits with this person and leave him, and do not utter words in front of him, and be patient and be sure that this type of person only wants to take advantage of you.   And try to get him out of the negativity in which he is, and you can point out why you are like this and why you are on this path, and there are types of people who can explain to you why he is like this, did something happen to him that made him like this, or is he like this from the beginning, talk to him and discuss with him, and it is not dangerous if this is You care
Knowing an arrogant person 
Everyone knows what an arrogant person is.   And a great lack of humility, and he loves himself more than necessary and talks about himself a lot. This is also a page of his arrogance.  
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