An American trick to renew your nail polish during the home ban

A woman has shared the incredibly simple way she can make her grown nails look like new while she's stuck in the coronavirus lockdown.

With the ban currently in place in Britain, most businesses have closed - this includes hairdressers and beauty salons.

Many people across the country are getting desperate to cut and dye their hair, get an eyebrow wax, and buy a new set of nails.

And while there are definitely more important things to worry about right now, we are most grateful to a woman who shared a solution. Simple that will completely transform our nails so that we can care again.

Olivia Smalley, a hairstylist from Florida, posted a new manicure trick on Instagram where it went viral.

All you need to complete the trick at home is a nail file and some glitter nail polish.

In a video, Olivia, on her account under the name "OMGArtistry," shows how to file the end of the nails, following the shape the nail technician originally created.

Once she's happy that she's looking a bit more edgy, she polishes off the sparkly nail polish.

Olivia uses one Essie piece called Top of the Rock in the video, which she loves because of the bright gold glitter it has, but you can use any kind you like.

Then she applies the gloss to the regrowth at the bottom of her nails, and it goes straight to the cuticles.

This hides it and makes it look like a fresh coat of paint at the same time.

Olivia goes on to say that you can stop after covering the bottom part, but she likes to go a little further up the nail, which creates a darkened effect.

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